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Green Schools

 ‘The greatest threat to our planet is belief that someone else will save it’- Robert Swan

Green SchoolsHere in St. Patricks Boys National School we are very proud to be a Green School. This means that we are committed to looking after and being a friend of the environment. We do this successfully thanks to our Green Schools Committee. The committee consists of 2 teachers Ms O Neill and Ms Galvin, our principal Mr Horan, and student representatives from 2nd– 6th class. Of course every member of the school community makes the committee a success through their co-operation, hard work and enthusiasm.

As a Green School we are proud to have obtained our 5th Green School Flag and we continue to work on all our green school initiatives.

We are currently working on our 6th Green School Flag which takes two years to obtain. Last year we worked hard on ‘Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste’. This got us thinking about what we do with our rubbish and how it impacts the environment and wider world. We decided to embrace the motto ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. We did this in three ways.  We tried our best to reduce waste by using reusable containers for our lunch, we also reused these. We were very careful to recycle all materials were possible, those pesky ‘Bin Detectives’ made sure we did this on their spot classroom inspections!

This Year we plan to continue our hard work of last year, in addition to focusing on ‘Global Citizenship, energy’. This year we will be examining ways in which we can reduce the amount of energy we use at home and in school. We will be learning a lot about climate change and how we can reduce our carbon footprint! We hope to have our action day in early 2017.

There are plenty of ways in which you at home can help us to achieve these aims, helping us to get one step closer to our next Green Schools flag, but more importantly, helping the environment.

You can…

  1. Encourage everyone at home to walk, bike or scoot to school! It’s great fun too!
  2. Use reusable containers and bottles for lunch were possible!
  3. During day light, switch off the lights!
  4. Recycle as much as possible.

We are really excited about the coming year and can’t wait to take on all these new, interesting challenges that we will encounter on our path to our final green flag!

Many Thanks,

The Green Schools committee