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Senior Infants Aistear

Welcome to Senior Infants Aistear Blog.

Our theme for September was the Airport.

In the Socio Dramatic Group we pretended to be pilots, flight attendants and passengers. We went to some amazing destinations. In the Construction Group we designed our own airports with check in desks, runways, departure and arrival gates. In the Creative Group we wrote postcards about our holidays and made our own passports. In the Small World Group we played with airport toys, where we created our own national airport. Andrea, who is a flight attendant, came to speak to us. She told us about what it is like to work as a flight attendant. We got to ask her lots of questions about her job. She was very kind to us and even gave us a plane, baggage truck and fuel tank to add to our small world toys.

Check out our photos below.

This month’s Senior Infants’ Aistear theme is Special Occasions.

Our role play area is ‘The Birthday Party’ were the boys can write shopping lists, bake birthday cakes, decorate the room for the party and even set up some party games! Other Aistear stations this month also include play doh, construction, writing station, paper construction station and small world

The vocabulary we are concentrating on includes:

Balloons, cake, cards, invitations, guest list, presents, gifts, celebrate, party food, party games, candles, gift tags, a

ppropriate phrases e.g. congratulations, happy birthday, well done etc. Ice cream, jelly, lights, magician, bouncing castle, tea party, guests.

We would love to hear about special occasions the boys have celebrated, they are wel

come to bring photos to school and share their experiences with the class!



The Farm

Our theme for Aistear for this coming month is The Farm. In the socio dramatic area the boys will be setting up a farm shop where they can sell their fresh produce.  They will also be able to work on the farm to grow their own produce and take care of their animals.

Vocabulary we will be concentrating on includes the names of different farm animals, names of farm machinery and discussions around the jobs they do (tractor, trailer, combine harvester etc), and other related vocabulary such as harvest,  market, farmhouse, barn, field, lane, silage, hay bale, wheat, barley, crops

If you had time over the Easter Holidays a trip to a farm would be a great opportunity for the boys to see what life on a farm is like.


We will post some pictures after the holidays so keep an eye out!



‘The Garden’.

Our role play area this month is a Garden Centre were the boys can buy and sell flowers, seeds, bulbs, garden equipment and even some homemade, organic food products! Other Aistear stations this month also include play doh, construction, writing station were we will write shopping lists and to do lists, spelling station, colouring and junk art.

The vocabulary we are concentrating on includes:

compost, soil, plants, flowers ( name at least 5), bloom, bulb, seed, watering can, garden furniture, ornaments, tubs, plant pots, ceramic pots, gazebo, patio, lawn mower, green house, hose, rake,  garden gnome, refund, receipt, purchase, cash, laser, visa card, debit card, notes and coins.

 If you have time over the next month, a trip to the garden centre would give your son a chance to use his new vocabulary and to consolidate what he is learning in school.

Keep checking our website as we will be updating it with lots of pictures and creations made by the boys!