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Maths Week

We are once again participating in Maths Week this year to celebrate “Maths for all”

Each of our classes will be engaging in a range of activity based lessons including Maths Trails, creating Art in Maths and Maths Puzzles.

Junior and Senior Infants will work with 10 frames and enjoy a few games of Snakes and Ladders.

1st and 2nd Class will engage with patterns and polyominoes and play some games of Tetris.

3rd and 4th Class will have a place value battle and investigate the Vitruvian Man Theory.

5th and 6th Class will investigate reviews of Castle Keepers and maids from Georgia, the Mayan Number System and the Caesar Cipher.

We know the boys are going to enjoy this week of putting Maths into action and relating it to real life.