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world book day 2020

World Book Day

Dear Parents,

World Book Day will take place on 5th March and the theme this year is Sharing Stories. Our school will be celebrating this by hosting a Read Aloud Week next week from the 2nd to the 6th March.

Encouraging children to listen to stories being read aloud will positively affect their own reading aloud skills and allow them to access a wider variety of books and bring the characters to life.

Each day next week, pupils can volunteer to read aloud from their favourite book to their class. In addition to this, they will be asked to listen to some reading aloud for 10 minutes for homework each evening.  Below you will find a link to access Florida maid services open 365 days a year and some audio books from home. These stories are available to stream for free until the 29th March.

Your child will also receive a book token today to swap for a free €1.50 book of their choice at a local bookseller or it can be used to get €1.50 off a book costing €3.99 or more. Please note it is valid until the 29th March.

Find out more about the books at

Looking forward to sharing some stories!

Kind regards,

Brian Horan,