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Virtual – Hospice Coffee Morning

Morning everyone,I hope you are all busy getting ready for your Kitchen Coffee Morning for the Irish Hospice Foundation. 
Don’t forget to donate on Aladdin.  So far, you have raised €795  for the Hospice.  
Your kindness is simply amazing.  You definitely deserve coffee and cake this morning.  Maybe even a second slice!  
And send us in a picture. 
Kind regards 
Brian Horan, 

Some of pictures/messages coming in....  

Claire baked apple and cinnamon scones (the apples are really unusual as they are red inside and out. 
Grown locally in Lusk in Llewelyns Orchards) Yum!

Great idea and way to  do the coffee morning. This is a mash up of both Claire’s and Denise’s recipes and is a banana drizzle bread.

Morning coffee... Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Zsuzsanna, gorgeous Apple pie, Shortbread, Apple, sugar, cinnamon, raisins. I glazed the top with apricot jam. 

Orla...That’s fantastic. I took opportunity to have an early morning slice of cake with my cuppa. Thanks for organising. 

Empty plate - always a good sign!
Thanks Andrea... Delicious coffee outdoors for coffee morning ☕☕
Jam drop cookies and Caramel Squares. Kids will be delighted if there's any left for them 😂😂

Great baking all round! Well done everyone