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Microsoft Dreamspace – STEM Programme

STEM Programme – Microsoft Dreamspace

Throughout this term 5th class have been taking part in Microsoft’s Dreamspace STEM Programme. The programme runs all term and the boys have been working hard with new challenges each week.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Each activity incorporates these subjects and is shaping our young minds into future creators!

Thanks to Ms. Flanagan and the boys from 5th class….

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The Microsoft Dreamspace Team

Episode 1: The Windmill Challenge

Our first challenge was to design and create a windmill using recycled materials.  The windmill had to be functioning and strong.  We planned and designed our windmills, and built them in pairs or groups of three.  We had to review our work and adjust the windmills to make them stronger.


Episode 2: The Board Game Challenge

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The second challenge we completed was to design and create our own board games.  The challenge we had was to create new games with three conditions. Conditions are a part of coding which we’ll be learning to do later in the term.  Through this task, we learned that conditions are rules or instructions.  We had lots of fun presenting our board games and playing them with our pods!












Episode 3: The Obstacle Course Challenge


This was a very exciting challenge for our class.  Each pod designed and built an obstacle course with three obstacles.  Microsoft asked us to have loops in our obstacle course.  Loops are when we repeat an action and this activity will help us understand coding better.  We had so much fun building our obstacle courses and testing them out with each other.




Episode 4: Endangered Animals


This challenge was really interesting because we learned about the importance of technology on a global and environmental level.  Microsoft showed us how their artificial intelligence (AI) technology supports the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in protecting endangered animals around the world, check out We learned about algorithms during this lesson and we were challenged with researching and making a model of an endangered animal.

We loved learning about these endangered animals so much that we even adopted an animal to support the WWF.  We had a class vote and decided to adopt the Artic Wolf.









Episode 5: The Tallest Tower


We loved this challenge as it required lots of teamwork! Microsoft asked us to build a tower that was at least 40cm tall using only 10 materials.  They were really

strict and said that one piece of tape counted as one material so we had to be really creative.  Our towers had to be able to withstand shaking (like an earthquake)

and Mr. Geoghegan came in to test them out!