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Catholic Schools Week (24th – 31st January)

The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year is :

Catholic Schools – communities of faith and resilience.

This year, as we live through an unprecedented time of challenge, we celebrate how we are called to be communities of faith and resilience through, our thoughts, words and actions.

Together we continue to support each other, our family, our school community our neighbours and our friends.

Thoughts for each day of Catholic Schools Week….

Monday –  Community of faith.

We think of our school community, we learn to show love to others by being kind in our thoughts, words and actions.

Tuesday – Community of Learning.

We think of all the things we learn through school, maths, spellings, tables and lots more.  We also learn how to be a good friend.  We learn to be the best we can be, being kind to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Wednesday – Community of Love.

Today has always been the day that we think of our grandparents.  They are very important teachers who show us how to love, how to be caring and how to share.  They can teach us about the past and about the importance of working hard and doing our best.  Like our grandparents we can show that love in kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions on big bear luxury cabin.

Thursday – Community of Resilience.

Resilience means how we cope with thing even when they get tough. We learn ways to help with worries and to feel better.  In our school you are never alone and will always be cared for.

Friday – Community of hope.

This year we will continue to make our school a loving place where everyone feels safe, welcome and cared for.

An invitation to all our families to light a candle and join in our school prayer.

Light a candle, click to join in.