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Hi everyone….We want to share some of the great work that our classes are doing from home.


2nd/3rd Class Projects – February 2021

Over the past few weeks, Ms. Dunne’s 2nd & 3rd class boys have been very busy working on different projects. The boys explored our local area by learning about Newbridge House & Farm. They’ve also been busy learning about the Romans and Irish Marine Animals and Plant Species.

The boys have worked so hard on their Newbridge projects. We can see that they LOVED their trips to Newbridge! Well done boys!

Read all about our project by clicking here!





Bringing WW1 to us!  Well done Ms. Flanagan’s class

For the month of January, Ms. Flanagan’s 5th Class were busy learning about World War I – or the Great War as it was called in 1914. The boys worked very hard at home, reading and researching all about different aspects of ‘the war to end all wars’.

Click here to find out all about their discoveries.

Thank you for sharing – your projects were amazing!

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