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Our School Prayers












Our School Prayer

Lord, you have loved us forever,

from the time that we were born.

You are our light, keep us as your children,

Help us to learn and to grow in your love.


Jesus, our teacher, our friend,

Help us to show respect and compassion

for all in our school community.

Guide us in our work.

Help us to forgive others.

Lead us to live in harmony.


May our school be a place of peace,

Joy, kindness and above all love.

May we grow in faith and in knowledge.

May goodness and happiness fill our classrooms

each and every day, with your holy presence to guide us.




Written by the Pupils of 4th Class

With thanks Fr Joe Connolly – June 2019


Whole School Prayer Plan

September –  Journey Prayer
October – Glory Be
November – Night Prayer
December – Prayer for those who have died
January –  Our Father
February –  Ár nAthair
March – St. Patrick’s Breastplate
April –  Prayers to the Holy Spirit
May – Hail Mary
June – Glóir don Athair