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Our School Council

School Council

Elections are held in every class to elect 2 student reps each year. A week before elections, children were encouraged to make posters, and address their class with speeches. We used the proportional representation voting system.

Our school council works on a 4 week plan rotated throughout the year:

  • Week 1: Each class has a whole class meeting about how we can make our school a better place. Staff reps took note of these ideas.
  • Week 2: Student Council met with teacher reps. In the first meeting a secretary, organiser and chairperson were elected. These boys will be the boys recording at rep meetings, and then later taking ideas to the meeting with Mr. Horan, our school principal. Two ideas from Junior, Middle, and Senior classes make it to the meeting with Mr. Horan.
  • Week 3: Meeting with the principal, a Student Council Rep teacher, and 3 student council reps. Visit Ideas are discussed with Mr. Horan and he decides which ideas merit being brought to the teaching staff for further discussion.
  • Week 4: Anything to be cleared with teaching staff is cleared, and ideas / changes put in motion for the pupils.


Here are some positive changes our Student Council was responsible for last year:

  • The Buddy Bench was introduced to the Junior yard to help pupils who need to find someone to play with. If any boys see someone sitting there, they ask them to play.
  • In the warmer months of the year, boys from the middle yard get a chance to play on the grass.
  • The classes on the Senior Yard changed the layout of the yard to better suit their needs.
  • A sensory garden was introduced in the school and is looked after by pupils from various classes.

We can’t wait to see what great ideas our new Student Council comes up with in the coming months!