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The Cafe

This month Senior infants are learning all about the cafe and we have set up a coffee shop in our class. Our coffee shop is take away only for now, but we hope to open up for seated visitors soon!
Some vocabulary your son will be learning and using is: Waiter, chef, cashier, bill, order, take away, sit in,  receipt, cash, contactless, food, drinks, menu, specials board.
To consolidate what your son is learning in school, chat to him about his daily Aistear station and perhaps chat about a café you may have visited in the past.

For September our theme in Aistear is The school Office

The vocabulary your child will be learning will include:

secretary, teacher, SNA, Principal, office, classroom, yard, photocopier, certificate, allergies, first aid, telephone, computer, 

The boys are having great fun learning all about the different things that happen in school, we are talking lots about the school office and all the hard work that Denise and Claire do. According to the boys Denise and Claire’s most important job is applying plasters and providing ice packs!

Next week the boys will be working in our very own School Office set up in our role play area, lots of other fun things will be happening too!

You can help at home by chatting to your son about what he is learning, looking at some pictures of school settings and reading stories about school if you have them!