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St. Patrick’s Boys’ National School Donabate

Welcome, Fáilte, Willkommen,

Bienvenue, Witajae, Dobro Pozhalovat, Bem Vindo, Vitejte, Yin Dee Ton Rub, Sveiki atvyke

St. Patrick’s Boys’ National School has a long and proud tradition of educating boys in Donabate, Portrane & Balheary. Originally founded and endowed by Sophie Evans, grand-aunt of Charles Stuart Parnell and resident of Portrane House in 1824, the school was formerly known as Portrane Boys’ National School and housed in what now forms part of College Court on the Portrane Road.

Our Vision

St. Patrick’s Boys’ National School is a happy, bustling place of learning where chatter and laughter are a constant backdrop. In our school, the children are the focus of everything we do. As a Catholic school, we welcome children of all faiths and none. Central to our ethos, we passionately believe in nurturing children in a holistic way. The children’s academic, social and spiritual development are all equally important.

Here in St Patrick’s Boys’ National School, children will learn academically, but they will also learn how to become a confident and capable member of our community and the wider society.

Our Facilities

Here in St. Patrick’s Boys’ National School we are very proud of our fine, modern facilities. Including our comfortable and well equipped classrooms, we have a state of the art sensory room, a PE hall, a basketball court, outdoor recreation space, and sensory garden. Check out our virtual tour to see for yourself!

Our classrooms are bright, modern, purpose-built classrooms which allow for the provision of a well balanced, child-centred curriculum. All classrooms are equipped with state of the art interactive whiteboards. Our classes can also boast access to class sets of iPads and tablets. Our learning support and resource rooms are equipped to accommodate all learning needs.

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