Here in St. Patrick’s BNS, we will teach your child to write using a cursive (joined) script from the beginning. Learning cursive handwriting from Junior Infants has many benefits including:

  • Relative ease in introducing cursive penmanship in early childhood.
  • Prevents reversals and confusion of letters.
  • Enhances spelling ability.
  • Develops internal control systems that can be used as tools for learning.
  • Potential for errors is diminished.
  • Improved reading skills.
  • Reinforces the skills for patterns in reading and writing.
  • Prevents erratic spaces between letters and words.
  • Helps Left Handed Children.
  • Thoughts can be put on paper more quickly and easier.
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4th Class

Ms Doyle

October 2023  


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November 2023


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December 2023


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January 2024


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Ms McCann

February 2024


4th class

Ms McCann

March 2024 Musa

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Ms McEvoy

April 2024 Fionn

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Ms Kiernan

May 2024
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