The visual arts curriculum comprises interrelated activities in making art and in looking at and responding to art. It presents a range of activities in perceiving, exploring, responding to and appreciating the visual world.

In St. Patrick’s BNS, we nurture these skills in our pupils and allow them to explore their creativity through many different media.

Our pupils also look at and respond to the work of particular artists at each class level. We believe that this opens their minds and allows them to further appreciate the world around them.

Our school is part of an education network with the National Gallery of Ireland and our pupils enjoy guided tours there each year. Click here to read about 3rd Class’ trip in February 2023.

Each month, we celebrate work from our own artists here in St. Patrick’s with our Artist of the Month feature, which you can see below.

Class Artist
Junior Infants Van Gogh
Senior Infants Seurat
1st Class Picasso
2nd Class Jack Yeats
3rd Class Monet
4th Class Da Vinci
5th Class Norah McGuinness
6th Class Munch
Artist of the Month


4th Class

Ms Doyle


Sam F

6th Class

Mr Leen

November Adam

4th Class

Ms McCann



2nd Class

Ms Galvin



2nd Class

Ms O’Brien



Junior Infants

Ms Corr



3rd Class

Ms Gillespie