What is Lámh?

Lámh is a manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. Lámh signs are based on Irish Sign Language (ISL). Speech is always used with Lámh signs. Lámh signs are used to support communication

Signing can be useful because

  • The person can see as well as hear what is being communicated.
  • Signing naturally encourages people to slow down a little so there is more time to work out the message.
  • If a person’s speech is unclear or limited, the Lámh user may be more easily understood when they use signs. This encourages many to try new words and say more.
  • It encourages eye contact and attention to movement; skills that are important for speech development.

Why are we using Lámh in St. Patrick’s B.N.S?

A number of children in our school are using Lámh with their families and we want to give them the best chance to communicate well in school. We have found that using Lámh signs with the whole class, especially in the early years, helps all children with communication issues. In addition to this, the children find Lámh signing fun.

This year, we are hoping to include the wider school community in engaging with Lámh. We will have Lámh leaders teach the sign of the week to all pupils in assembly time each morning. We will also be offering prizes for the most eager Lámh users in every classroom. We hope that this will help our current Lámh users communicate more easily around the school.

How can you help at home?

Ask your child what the Lámh sign of the week is! Maybe you could learn it too! For more information on Lámh, visit www.lamh.org.