On Tuesday 6 th Class went to Kilmainham Gaol. We also went to the cells where they filmed Paddington 2! We were learning about why the goal is so important to Ireland. It was a huge
part in Irish history, and also about the rebels who were executed. The goal was used when Ireland was trying to win back the country from England it was called the 1916 rising. We
saw where the 14 people were executed in the stonebreakers yard, their names were, Joseph Plunkett, Padraig Pearse, Willie Pearse Countess Markiewicz, Edward Daly, Michael
Mallin, Sean Heuston, Thomas Clarke, Sean Mac Diarmada and there is five more etc. We got to go into the cell and took many photos, you can see them all on the school instagram!
We also went into the museum where there was interesting stuff. We really enjoyed it!!!

We hope everyone in the school gets to go to Kilmainham Gaol and have an adventure!

Written by Senan and Ryan.